Pilates is for Every Body: The Mind Body Connection

Pilates is for Every Body: The Mind Body Connection

By on Feb 6, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

We all know that Pilates is an extremely versatile exercise program. There are hundreds of variations of exercises that can be performed on any of the equipment or on the mat. Modifications can be made for those needing extra help due to injury or for those needing an extra challenge. There is not a limit on the strength you can build.

But let’s not focus on strength today, let’s think about the mind-body connection that Pilates offers. In the rush of fighting the weather to get to class and all the delays that are messing up our schedules we tend to leave the mind body connection behind. We sprint in to class at the last minute, find our spot, set our water down and go.

Next time you take a class try to make a special effort to connect your mind to your body. Arrive a little bit early to assess how you are feeling and create a space for both your mind and your body in your class. Tell yourself as you walk in the door to leave outside behind, weather and all.

Once the class starts allow yourself to follow the words of the instructor and the pace of the class. Slow down and focus on the feel of your muscles and bones working and moving. Pay attention to how each movement feels. Is something tighter than usual? Focus on releasing tension in the body and creating flow.

There is so much to be gained from Pilates. And the mind-body connection makes those gains easier to achieve. Bring meaning and intention to your practice. You will notice a significant difference in your progress.