Pilates is for Everyone!

Pilates is for Everyone!

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Pilates is for Everyone!

And by that, I mean everyone! So many people can benefit from the practice of Pilates.

I love walking in to our studio and seeing the diversity in our clientele. Some of our clients come to Pilates to strengthen, some to achieve flexibility, some to rehabilitate an injury or a surgery, and some to increase their cardio endurance. Everybody that comes believes that the privates or classes offered at our studio help them reach their goals.

Have you thought about what your goals are lately? Let’s narrow that down, have you thought about your fitness goals lately? Think outside of the box here… let’s not think in terms of weight loss. What do you wish you could do better physically? Are there things that you do that cause you pain? Do you wish you had more mobility?

One of my goals has always been to “be strong.” This is a personal goal that does not include a certain body image in my mind. But it does include being able to try out the exercises my daughter is doing on her crew team to see if her complaining of difficulty is valid! I want to be able to participate in what my children are interested in. I want to grow strong so that if I want to hike the Grand Canyon, I can. Maybe someday I will run a marathon – who knows?

Every day I teach and participate in Pilates. Pilates increases my core strength and keeps my back healthy. It is a total body workout that benefits all the muscles I need to function every day. Because of that, I consider myself working daily towards my goal.  Since it is not a measureable goal, just a feeling, I can keep working towards it indefinitely. I don’t feel defeated by that, I feel energized knowing I have chosen a path where I can keep growing and keep increasing my strength

So back to you…what are your fitness goals? Why don’t you come up with several and then choose one that is not finite. Begin to work towards that goal every day or every other day, even if for just a little bit. Incorporate it in to your life.


Consider choosing Pilates to help you achieve your goal. If you already come to our studio, share your goal with us and we can help you set a path!