Equilibrium…this studio means just that!  I come here to find core strength, stability, balance, and an inspiration for fitness that I never knew I had through Allie and Laura’s fun and challenging classes.  Coming here is a gift that I give to myself….every week!”

-Linda (mom of 3)

I have been a client of Equilibrium since it opened, and I trained with Allie for years before then. With each passing year, I have been continually motivated, and challenged.  I have practiced Pilates while pregnant,  post pregnancies, and at times when my body had no limitations.  I always felt safe and comfortable with the modifications offered due to my limitations, but I have continued to be challenged as well. In some classes there, I work out with young, very fit athletes as well as older fitness enthusiasts with some physical limitations.
I have grown more fit with the addition of Bootybarre and EQ heat to my Pilates regimen, and I am excited to see what they bring next.  But that’s just how Equilibrium works: it evolves with you and continually offers a new, challenging workout. Even within the same workout, the classes are changing and growing more difficult.  I never feel bored or on a plateau.
The instructors are experienced and knowledgeable and deliver safe and effective and fun workouts.  I feel very comfortable working out at EQ.  I never feel judged by the instructors or other students.  It’s a very inviting studio.

-Breonna (mom of 2 / lawyer)

I am lying in my hospital bed now 12 hours after hip replacement surgery, and I just did a set of straight leg raises! My surgeon’s first words to me were to state that he has never seen such severe degenerative disease in a hip joint  with such well preserved  muscles supporting  that rotten joint joint. I have already walked around (with assistance ) and anticipate I will graduate early from PT and be home to greet my kids after school tomorrow . Thank you for your time, expertise, and vision/progressive guidance over 11 months that has  helped me to be where I am right now. I can’t wait to morph from pre-hab to re-hab and know you will have the plan and patience to get me a far healthier place. I will always be grateful for what you have done for me. 

-David S. M, M.D.

After 3 rounds of physical therapy for low back pain and stiffness in 2013, I decided to try Pilates. Since January my low back pain and stiffness have significantly lessened and my posture and strength have improved! Laura and Allie are very skilled Pilates instructors with extensive knowledge of the body and how it moves and are true healers-besides being really nice! I am grateful to back moving again thanks to the ladies at Equilibrium!


Thank you so much for your expertise in keeping me moving! The variety within classes is refreshing and It is great to always be challenged! You and your staff do an awesome job! I always look forward to my next class!
-Mary H. (double hip replacement, equestrian and cyclist)
Allie’s Bootybarre is the best $16.00 I’ve ever spent!!